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A downloadable game for Android


A person is walking thru the forest peacefully. She discovers the fauna and the flora quietly, engines are being heard, far away but they're getting closer.


Google Cardboard VR


When we read the theme "Is it too late?", in our team we all thought of global warming and ecology. We had the ambition of doing a poetic, simple game, involving a person inside a forest that is being crushed by excavators. You feel alone against the machines, animals are all afraid, just like you. They tend to come closer to you by the end of the gaming experience, because every machines is now at 10 meters from the player. This "game" is for us a critical reminder of all the forests we're still destroying. We must come together and fight for our planet life or we will just all die.


Alexandre Impinna, Axel Lacan, Quentin Locatelly

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Published48 days ago
AuthorsAleximpinna, axelacan
Tagsgoogle-cardboard, Virtual Reality
Average sessionA few seconds

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Android 6.0 minimum

Download on Construct


If a tree falls (Android 6.0).apk (51 MB)